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If you have planned a visit to discover the beautiful city of the Republic that was once known as “La Serenissima”, remember first of all that Venice is located inside a lagoon. This is an aspect that must be considered for your visit in order to admire Venice in its most complete and true environment. Try to include a visit of at least one of the other islands of the lagoon… or if you have the chance, why not to try a tour of the lagoon?

Some of these islands are still unknown to many tourists. Some of them, on the other hand, are very well-known and world-renowned. However, this doesn’t make them any less special!

We will try to give you some suggestions focusing on the Northern Lagoon!

  • Murano: well-know and very close to Venice, so close that you can even see it from the norther part of the city. Murano is the largest among the islands of the Lagoon. You cannot miss a visit to one of the furnaces where you can watch the work of the glass masters blowing glass. Here you can find also the museum and its collection of the most beautiful art pieces of the tradition of Murano.
  • Madonna del Monte: sailing from Mazzorbo towards Burano, this is the first little uninhabited island you come across. Madonna del Monte is a jewel that is worth a visit. Here you can find the ruins of the ancient San Nicolò monastery, founded in 1303.
  • Burano: an island that will no doubt fascinate you with its colourful houses, flower-strewn balconies, traditional lace craft, and its local legends. The most amazing is the legend about the invention of the “punto in aria” (stitch in the air) that made the lace makers from Burano well-know all over the world. According to the legend, they were inspired by the sea-foam that a mermaid gave as an intangible gift to a sailor…
  • Torcello: one of the most important islands from a historical point of view, traces of its ancient past were found dating back to the Roman Age. Here there are the remains of the oldest furnace in Venice as well as the ruins of a basilica from the Middle Ages where you can admire a beautiful mosaic representing the Last Judgment.
  • Sant’Erasmo: the garden of Venice will fascinate you for its rurality and its tranquillity. We suggest renting a bicycle and riding it along the island. You will be able to find fresh fruit and vegetables directly from the farmers. Here you will also be able to go for a swim!
  • San Francesco del Deserto: let’s end this tour by talking about this tiny island. San Francesco del Deserto is not connected to Venice by public transport, but you can go see it by booking a visit with the monks who live there. This island, frozen in time, is home to a Franciscan monastery. Its story dates back to the days when Saint Francis stayed on the island on his trip back from the east in 1220.

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Gaia Franzoso