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Cultural escape room in Venice. For companies and groups of friends.
Let's play all together! Birthday party, art family brunch, treasure hunt, sketch hunt, boat tour, Murano glass workshops and games for children.
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Escape room

The first cultural escape room in Venice! This is the perfect experience not only for companies looking for a unique and exciting team building activity, but also for groups of friends seeking a new adventure!

Escape Cloister Venice

Private activity Team game History of Venice Escape room Available in Italian and English Duration 90 min.

This is an escape room that takes place in a sixteenth-century cloister. There is a lost manuscript to find, many enigmas to solve in a short time…Are you up for this challenge?


Escape Cloister Venice is a historical escape room that takes part in the fascinating sixteenth century SS. Cosma and Damiano Cloister. Today it hosts some of the most interesting artisans’ workshops of the city! The game is based on authentic stories of Venetian nuns…What is your mission? Find the lost manuscript of Suor Arcangela Tarabotti! She was a revolutionary and protofeminist writer and nun who lived during the 17th century. This activity takes place entirely in the cloister and workshops. You are going to face enigmas to solve, secret codes to decipher, padlocks to unlock…
This game was created with the precious collaborations of Alberto Toso Fei, famous Venetian historian and the special works of the artisans.




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