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Every venetian palace holds centuries of astonishing stories and of a number of events that stratify during the centuries. These are like boxes full of different curious stories, mysteries, and fascinating characters

Probably you have heard about the prestigious University of Venice and about its beautiful main building: the Ca’ Foscari Palace. Less well-known is the intricate story behind the construction of this palace.

Francesco Foscari was one for the most loved doges of Venice. Elected in 1423 he held the longest dogado (reign) of the Republic history: almost 35 years! In 1452 he bought the palace that, back then, was named “Casa delle due torri” (The two Towered House). This belonged to Francesco Sforza, the Duke of Milan, but Foscari had it demolished in order to build a new, majestic palace, worthy of its new owner.

Thanks to Francesco Foscari Venice reached the highest level of wellbeing and international power, though… someone was plotting behind his back

Credits: Wikipedia

His life, always full of twists, is closely entangled with the one of his only son who survived the black plague: Jacopo. After many ups and downs that ends up with the accusation from the Council of Ten of violation of the Promissione Ducale (oath of office of the Doge of Venice). This case goes on for two years more until Jacopo is accused of conspiracy in 1456 and he is exiled in Candia (Greece).

The old Doge, exhausted by the events with his son and humiliated by the continuos accusations from the Council he was finally forced to abdicate in 1457 and just a few days later he passed away.

Ca’ Foscari holds this fantastic story like a magic frame positioned on the Grand Canal. MacacoAdventures chose it as the location for an engaging cultural game to retrace the story and adventures of the well-known Doge. This team game is fun and stimulating for the participants who will have to explore the Palace and its yard to solve the challenge: find the right details, solve enigmas…

Credits: wikipedia

This palace is a splendid example of gotico fiorito (a style of gothic art) and its majestic façade faces the Grand Canal. The splendid piano nobile (noble floor: the principal floor of a large house) was renovated by the well-known architect Carlo Scarpa who left some hints of his personal touch in the magnificent Aula Baratto, the room where today the graduation ceremonies are held.

Participants will be invited to explore these spaces in a unconventional way, while following Francesco’s and Jacopo’s steps, living once more the splendour of the Republic of Venice!

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Gaia Franzoso